Sex Discrimination at Work Advice in Liverpool

The specialist employment law solicitors at Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors in Birkenhead can advise employers and employees on all manner of issues regarding discrimination at work including Sex discrimination in the workplace. This can include both gender and sexual orientation discrimination.

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Gender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination Advice for Employees

PHR Solicitors can advise you if you are an employee and have been treated unfairly at work either specifically because you are a woman or because you are a man. The following four types of discrimination are considered unlawful:

  • Direct Discrimination - If there are similar circumstances and somebody is favoured (or disfavoured) based on their gender or sexual orientation
  • Indirect Discrimination - When a policy that is created for the company creates a disadvantage for somebody of a particular gender or sexual orientation
  • Harassment - when there is harassment purely based on sexual orientation or gender, for the example suggestive comments made to a female or disparaging comments about somebody's sexuality
  • Victimisation - In law this can have a completely different meaning to normal language - it means when somebody is victimised BECAUSE they have taken an action against the company on the grounds of either gender or sexual orientation reasons

According to Equality Act 2010 it is illegal for an employer to discriminate you against, on the grounds of sex or gender. Thus you have a legal right to make a claim based to an Employment Tribunal or use a grievance procedure.

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If you feel you have been treated unfairly at work or indeed somebody has bought a claim against your business, contact our experienced employment law solicitors for special advice. Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors can provide you with legal advice to make a sex discrimination claim.

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