Termination of Contract Solicitors for Employers

As an employer you are entitled to terminate a contract of an employee but you must adhere to the UK employment law for the correct procedure. The Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors specialist employment law team can offer you professional advice on termination of contract issues and can help you draft employment contracts with clauses to suit your particular business.

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Procedures For Terminating An Employees' Contract

Employers can cancel a contract or in other words dismiss an employee with or without a notice in a number of ways. This includes termination of contract by:

  • Agreement with both parties
  • Breach of contract - failing to deliver on their contractual promises
  • Performance - employees failing to perform as required
  • Effluxion of time - if the fixed-term contract ends without renewal

To terminate the contract, there are certain legal requirements that you must comply with. Our employment solicitors at Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors can guide you in order to bring the contract of an employee to an end lawfully and validly without leading to unfair dismissal, and therefore a potential claim.

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