Redundancy Procedure Law for Employers

Percy Hughes & Roberts' employment law team specialise in redundancy for employers, advising business owners throughout the UK on the process and helping them avoid future unfair dismissal claims by adhering to existing UK employment law.

If you are considering making some of your employees redundant, or you are currently going through the process, get in touch with our experienced solicitors on freephone 0800 781 3894 or fill out online enquiry form.

Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors can advise employers on the many pitfalls relating to procedure, including the following:

• Consultation
• Selection Process - including selection criteria and selection pools
• Notice & redundancy consultations

Avoiding Problems

Consulting an experienced lawyer regarding the details of redundancy law can help you avoid future claims relating to unfair dismissal and unfair selection.

If employers fail to comply with their employees' rights during the build-up to a redundancy, claims can also include failure to offer suitable alternative work and failure to properly consult with employees.

Our solicitors will use their extensive knowledge of employment law to help you and your business stay the right side of UK legislation, ensuring that you do not become embroiled in costly and time consuming employee claims.

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