Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) Law Advice

It is extremely important for companies to receive advice on transfer of undertakings - also known as TUPE - before attempting the process for the first time, as there are a number of regulations to take into account that can sometimes be difficult to understand.

The employment law experts here at Percy, Hughes & Roberts have many years' experience advising businesses on TUPE and how to make sure they adhere to the stringent regulations surrounding it.

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What is TUPE?

TUPE's full name is Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006. It is designed to protect members of staff when a business gets a new owner.

It means that the terms and conditions of all contracts have to be kept the same under the new ownership as they were previously. This includes things like salary, holiday entitlement and sick pay.

Furthermore, the regulations state that all workers affected must be notified of the transfers in advance.

If a new employer tries to change any terms and conditions, they are in breach of these regulations and could find themselves the subject of a claim by the member of staff.
We are here to offer advice and assistance to make sure you carry out the process lawfully, without breaching contracts or being at risk of a claim.

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