Standard Conveyancing Fees

PURCHASE                                                               FEE                          VAT

Up to £100,000                                                       £550.00                     £110.00

£100,001 - £150,000                                              £600.00                      £120.00

£150,001 - £250,000                                              £650.00                      £130.00

£250,001 - £300,000                                              £750.00                      £150.00

£300,001 - £400,000                                               £850.00                     £170.00

£400,001 - £500,000                                               £950.00                      £190.00

£500,001 - £600,000                                               £1,100.00                    £220.00

£600,001 - £700,000                                               £1,200.00                    £240.00

£700,001 - £800,000                                                £1,300.00                   £260.00

£800,001  and above                                               please contact us for a quote

SALE                                                                              FEE                        VAT

Up to £150,000                                                            £550.00                £110.00

£150,001 - £250,000                                                    £600.00                 £120.00

£250,001 - £300,000                                                    £650.00                 £130.00

£300,001 - £400,000                                                    £700.00                  £140.00

£400,001 - £500,000                                                    £750.00                 £150.00

£500,000 - £600,000                                                    £850.00                  £170.00

£600,000 - £700,000                                                    £950.00                  £190.00

£700,000 - £800,000                                                   £1,100.00                £220.00

£800,001 and above                                                  please contact us for a quote

In addition to the fees quoted above, there are additional charges for the following matters:-



Re-Mortgage up to £300,000.00                                       

Residential                                                                      £400.00                      £80.00

Buy to Let                                                                      £450.00                      £90.00

Transfer of Equity                                                               £450.00                      £90.00

Re-Mortgage & Transfer of Equity

up to £300,000.00                                                              £550.00                      £110.00


Claiming a Help to Buy Bonus                                           £50.00                     £10.00

Claiming a Forces Help to Buy Deposit                             £200.00                    £40.00


NB. All of our charges are subject to VAT at the standard rate

In addition to our fees there will be additional costs, examples of such costs known as disbursements include, but are not limited to, the following.  Which disbursements will need to be paid and the respective cost will vary and is dependent on certain factors, including whether it is a sale, purchase or re-mortgage, the price of the property, property ownership status and also whether a lender is involved.

Stamp Duty

Local Authority, Drainage and Environmental Searches and any additional searches as required

Bank Transfer Fee

Pre Completion Searches

Land Registry Fee

Office Copy Entries

Indemnity Insurance

Please note the prices shown are estimates for a standard case and that a full case specific estimate can be obtained by contacting usPlease contact us if you require a breakdown of the disbursements which would be incurred in relation to your particular transaction.


PHR Solicitors Property Department

Gareth Edwards is a partner and heads up the Property department and together with Deborah Gajewski, a solicitor, they deal with commercial property matters and provide support to the two residential teams that make up the residential property department at PH&R.

Sarah Marriott’s Team

Work Type
Residential conveyancing matters including sale purchase and re-mortgage with particular expertise in the buy to let market including bridging finance and small commercial property matters.

Sarah Marriott, conveyancing executive who has been with the firm since she left school and has over 15 years conveyancing experience

Callie Easterbrook, senior assistant who joined the conveyancing team at PH&R in 2007

Amy Holmes, junior assistant and most recent member of the team who joined the firm in 2017

Vanessa Hughes’ Team

Work Type
Residential conveyancing matters including sale purchase and re-mortgage with strong links to the local agents

Vanessa Hughes, licenced conveyancer who qualified in 2011 and has worked in the property department at PH&R since 2000.

June Rowan, assistant who has always worked in the legal profession and has been part of the team since 2015

Danielle Cardy, assistant who moved to the property department full time in 2018 having joined the firm in 2016