Contesting a Will

The Wills, trusts and estate planning team at Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors are happy to provide constructive legal advice and guidance on the process of contesting a will.

As specialists in the field, we understand the unique concerns and potentially sensitive nature of the Will contesting process. Our solicitors promise to treat your case with the necessary discretion, and will ensure the entire process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Grounds for Contesting a Will

In order to contest the validity of a will, one of the following legal grounds must be satisfied:
The will has not been properly executed

  • Interest in possession trusts, which give beneficiaries the right to all trust income as it arises
  • Discretionary trusts, with which Trustees can choose how much is paid out, to which beneficiary or class of beneficiaries the payment is made, frequency of payments and conditions of payments
  • Accumulation trusts, which allows Trustees to accumulate interest within the trust
  • Settlor-interested trusts, with which assets placed in the trust can still benefit the Settlor or spouse of the Settlor
  • Parental trusts for minors, where a relevant child - who is under 18 and never been married or entered into a civil partnership - of the Settlor benefit
  • Non-resident trusts, where either none of the Trustees are UK residents for tax purposes or where only some of the Trustees are UK-based but the Settlor was not at the time of the formation of the trust
  • Trust for vulnerable beneficiaries, for those who are either mentally or physically disabled or under the age of 18 and have lost a parent through death

This means no matter what your circumstances, our dedicated solicitors will be able to help put your worries to rest and create a trust just for you.

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