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Our specialist team of employment law solicitors are here to help, and can provide you with the expert employment law advice you need to resolve your situation.

Charges for Employment Services

Services for Individuals

1. First interview (fixed price) £150 inclusive of VAT.

2. Standard hourly rate for employment advice £200 plus VAT £40 total £240 per hour.

3 .Employment Tribunal

Work for employment Tribunals is charged at the hourly rate of £240 (inclusive of VAT). The usual cost for preparing and representing at the Employment Tribunal will be in the region of£4000/5000. This is on the basis of a single day hearing. If the case involves hearings of more than one day then the fee is likely to be larger.


It is often the case that people have legal expenses insurance through their house insurance. Individuals are advised to check whether they have legal expenses insurance in relation to Employment Tribunal. If they have then representation before the Tribunal can be provided for no cost to the individual under the insurance scheme.

4 Settlement Agreements.

In nearly every case the employer will pay for the cost of employee advice. In most cases therefore the individual will have nothing to pay provided they enter into the agreement.

Services for Companies

1.Hourly Rate.

The standard hourly rate for advice for employers is £200 plus VAT per hour.

2. Employment Tribunals

 The usual cost of dealing with a tribunal is in the region of £4000/5000 (plus VAT) this is based on a single day hearing. If the final hearing is longer than a single day the costs are likely to increase by £750 per day.

3 Settlement Agreements.

We are able to draft and advise in relation to settlement agreements on behalf of employers. This is charged at the standard hourly rate (see above) .The usual cost of preparing an agreement and advising on it is £500 plus v. AT.

4. Drafting of Documents

We are able to assist in the drafting of employment  documentation for employers. This can usually be done for a fixed fee. You should ask for a quotation for any documents that you wish to have prepared.

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