Contested Probate

Contested Probate & Inheritance Claims

If you are involved in a dispute over an estate or trust, the legal specialists at Percy Hughes & Roberts can help. From our offices in Birkenhead, we have helped hundreds of clients across the Wirral and beyond to find the resolution they deserve in contested probate and inheritance cases.

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Disputing a will

Whether you wish to contest the will of a relative, or find yourself in a dispute with your fellow executors or trustees, we can offer easy to understand advice and direction during this difficult time.

There are a number of rules that govern whether or not a will can be disputed. These include the following:

  • If you believe that the person who made the will did not have the mental capacity to do so
  • If you believe they were forced into making their will in a particular way

If a relative or spouse has excluded you from their will, whether partly or entirely, it may be possible to make a claim against the estate. Our solicitors can guide you through the rules and let you know whether your case can be pursued.

Our team of solicitors can also help in situations where the will has not been made according to the legal requirements of making a valid will, or if there has been a mistake made by the person who drafted the will.

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Percy Hughes & Roberts’ legal specialists have years of experience in helping clients who have been unfairly left out of a loved one’s will. This area of the law is particularly complicated, and features a great deal of jargon, which can make it tricky to understand.

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