Terminating Your Contract

Contract Termination - Advice for Employees

The team of specialist solicitors at Percy Hughes & Roberts can offer guidance to employees who are considering terminating their employment contract.

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Leaving your job

As an employee, you can hand in your resignation at any time, but there are still some legal obligations you need to think about with a contract termination. One of the most common reasons for resignation is to take up employment elsewhere, however, you must give due notice if this is the case.

You should make it clear that you are formally resigning, which is best carried out in writing. Employees need to look at their contract of employment to see how long their notice period is.

If your contract has been terminated by your employer, you are still entitled to work a notice period. However, you contract of employment may entitle your employer to pay you in lieu of that notice period.

If you are thinking about resigning and claiming constructive dismissal, it is a good idea to take legal advice and seek assistance in drafting you letter of resignation. The wording of a letter of resignation will be crucial evidence in an employment tribunal case.

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