Factory Accident Claims

Working factory environments are prone to a substantial number of potential risks with workers regularly dealing with dangerous machinery, vehicles and hazardous substances used in production. This is why it is vital both employers and employees ensure they follow strict guidelines and safety measures to reduce the chance of serious injury.

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What are the Legal Obligations?

There are numerous health and safety directives set in law that are designed to provide a safe working environment for everyone. Factory managers have a duty to protect their employees and ensure these health and safety requirements are met. This includes making sure all staff are fully trained with each device, supplying workers with protective clothing such as eyewear and overalls as well as conducting comprehensive safety tests and maintenance on machinery.

Unfortunately accidents cannot always be prevented in the workplace, with factory settings resulting in one of the most susceptible environments for serious injuries, especially if there is a lack of control and moderation for work safety.   

Common Causes of Factory Injuries

Factory injury compensation can be applied if you have suffered an accident which was a result of your employer’s negligence and no fault of your own. There are a number of causes which can lead to a factory accident. In the past previous clients have regularly injured themselves due to:

  • A lack of appropriate protective equipment provided
  • A lack of training on machinery and vehicles
  • Chemical spillages
  • Faulty machinery
  • Manual handling, carrying and lifting
  • Falls from height
  • Mistakes made by other workers
  • Slippery or uneven surfaces

Making a Claim

As a factory worker it is inevitable that at some stage in your career you will suffer some form of accident. While many employees escape serious injury, a significant number can experience life-changing injuries which often impair their capabilities completely.

If you have sustained an injury as a result of any type of accident within a factory workplace, whether it was due to careless forklift driving, unsafe scaffolding or poor supervision, our solicitors will happily offer expert legal advice on making a compensation claim.

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