Warehouse Accident Claims

Warehouse workers are at a particularly high risk from a number of accidents within the workplace due to that dangerous nature of the job as well as the surrounding work area which can often create a hazardous environment for employers on a daily basis. 

Employers are responsible for ensuring they fully check and maintain the safety of the warehouse itself and consequently the health of the employees whilst they are in the workplace including taking into account individual characteristics that may need special safety treatment. This includes regular risk assessments throughout the workplace and comprehensive training on all machinery and vehicles used to reduce the risk of serious injury.

However not all warehouse owners are responsible and as a result many injuries within an industrial environment occur because of the inaction and negligence of those who are responsible for the safety of the premises.

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Typical Accidents Involving Warehouse Employees

Employees who suffer from an injury whilst working in a warehouse can be out of work for some time and in extreme cases may be unable to return to their original role. Common accidents regularly witnessed often stem from:

  • Slips or trips over substances or objects left on the warehouse floor
  • Poor work equipment / machinery
  • Improperly moving large devices
  • Lack of training & protection
  • Falling objects
  • Crushed by warehouse vehicles

Making a Warehouse Injury Claim

Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors team of experienced accidents at work specialists have already helped many clients secure compensation for warehouse accidents. If you decide to take action against your employer we can help every step of the way and ensure to do everything possible to win the compensation you deserve.

Making a claim can be a difficult task, especially against your employer, however no company has the right to dismiss a staff member should they take action. Your firm should have an insurance policy in place and therefore any claim which is made will go through them, putting you at ease. 

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