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Accidents at the farm: Falling accounts for a third of farm deaths

Figures from Farm Safety Week suggest that machinery and working at heights are major causes of farming accidents.Farming_Falls_small.jpg

Farm Safety Week was initiated by the Farm Safety Foundation, which explains that farming remains one of the UK’s most dangerous industries accounting for 1.5% of workers, but 15-20% of all worker fatalities (Health Safety Executive).

The Foundation has found that the transportation and stacking of large hay bales without proper planning and care has resulted in a number of deaths and injuries in recent years. The Foundation’s research has also discovered that risks are often not recognised, with equipment provided being either defective, inappropriate or used incorrectly.

Machinery topped the cause of farm deaths, with four in ten of all casualties coming from faulty or unsuitable machines. In some cases, the correct training had not been given to the individual using the machinery.

Why farming accidents matter

According to HSE, in the last ten years, almost one person a week has been killed as a direct result of agricultural work. This statistic is staggering when thinking about the consequences.

The total annual cost of farming injuries to society more generally, through medical treatment and other uses of public services, is estimated at £190 million.

However, the cost to the individual can often be a lot more than financial. Life after an accident on a farm can affect an individual’s ability to work, the capability to have a family, and the ability to generally live out a happy life.

It can also have massive effects on the family and friends close to the individual, with loved-ones suffering from the consequences so much that they are unable to look after themselves. This is not to mention the emotional turmoil of going through a loss in the family in relation to farming fatalities.

How can accidents on the farm be prevented?

Clearly, it is in the best interests of farm owners to prevent accidents at the workplace, since long-term injuries and fatalities lead to difficulties in maintaining a productive farm.  

Experts believe that many of these injuries and fatalities occur because of lack of proper planning and failure to identify the risks. Taking precautions for any possible accident can greatly reduce the risk. This includes ensuring all machinery is in full working order, is appropriate for the job, and anyone using it is fully trained.

The Institution of Occupation Safety and Health (IOSH) provide more details here, with useful infographics from Farm Safety Week.

Next steps if you’ve suffered an accident

Getting back on your feet after an accident at work can be a traumatic time. People often feel as though there is no one to turn to, and they do not want to upset their employer.

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