Administration of an estate fees

Where the state is uncontested a fee will be charged (plus VAT currently charged at 20%) up to and including obtaining the Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration).  Thereafter an additional fee will (plus VAT) be charged for administering and finalising the estate.

Our work is carried out on an hourly rate.  The current hourly rates are as follows:-

Partner/ senior solicitor                        £200 per hour plus VAT

Senior paralegal                                     £175 per hour plus VAT

Paralegal                                                £125 per hour plus VAT

It is not always easy to give an estimate of our costs at the outset as no two estates are the same and unforeseen issues may come to light.  However, for an estate with two or three bank accounts to deal with and one or two share holdings our costs up to obtaining the Grant are likely to be in the region of £900 - £1100 plus VAT.  In addition there are probate registry fees of £155 plus 50p per sealed copy.

The costs of administering and finalising the estae will depend on how many accounts there are to deal with.  On an estate as outlined above our costs for finalising the estate are likely to be in the region of £600 - £700plus VAT

On presentation of the outline of an estate we will always offer an estimate of our charges.