Grant of Probate

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What is a grant of probate?

A grant of probate, or letters of administration, is awarded to an individual to allow them to administer the estate of someone who has died, which includes distributing their assets and tidying up their affairs. Before an individual is permitted to do such tasks, including handling their bank accounts, they will need legal authority to act. This is a grant of probate.

Do I need a grant of probate?

If someone you know has died without a will and you want to act as the administrator of that person's estate, you will also need to apply for a grant of letters of administration at the Probate Registry.

A grant is needed when the person who dies leaves:

  • £5,000 or more
  • Stocks and shares
  • Some insurance policies
  • Property or land in their sole name, or held with someone else as 'tenants in common'

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