Making a Will

Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors' team of solicitors are experts in helping clients make a Will and providing advice on what can be a complex process. If you need assistance with writing a Will and are looking for experts that have vast experience in estate planning, get in touch with us today by calling for free on 0800 781 3894 or email your enquiry. Even if you simply want to review your Will, we can help.

Why It's Important to Make a Will

By making a Will, you can decide exactly what happens to your assets and possessions after you die. You can decide who deals with your estate and who will be the people who look after your children.

If you die without a will, however, your estate is subject to intestacy law, meaning your assets may not be inherited by those you had hoped.

How Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors Can Help You

Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors' team of lawyers are experts in this area of the law and have experience making Wills that take into account unusual circumstances or special conditions, such as: if several people could make a claim on an estate; if you are not a British citizen; if you live in the UK but have property elsewhere; or if you own all or part of a business.

Our team of specialists will guide you through the whole process of writing a will, ensuring your last will and testament is executed properly and legally.

Contact Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors

For reliable legal advice and help making a will, get in touch with Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors' experienced team of specialists today. We are happy to answer any queries you may have and always provide clear and comprehensive advice. Call us on 0800 781 3894 or email your enquiry.