Mesothelioma Compensation Claims

If you have contracted mesothelioma due to a mistake made by a current or former employer, you may be eligible to make a mesothelioma compensation claim. The team of industrial disease lawyers at Percy Hughes and Roberts Solicitors will be happy to provide clear, sympathetic and easy to understand legal advice at what we know is a difficult time.

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Am I Eligible to Claim Mesothelioma Compensation?

If the asbestos exposure that caused your mesothelioma was the result of negligence on the part of an employer, it is highly likely you will be able to make a mesothelioma claim.

Your employer may not have provided enough information about the dangers of asbestos; they may not even have told you that asbestos was present in your working environment. Whatever form the negligence took, you need to speak to a solicitor about the possibility of a compensation claim.

Living with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, also known as the pleura. There is no cure, however high quality medical care and a change in lifestyle can help mesothelioma sufferers cope with their illness. Unfortunately, such things are expensive, hence it is possible to make mesothelioma compensation claims.

Mesothelioma compensation amounts can range from £35,000 to £83,750. In some cases it may be possible to make a claim, even if the initial exposure happened many years previously.

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