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If you need legal advice on how to become the deputy of a close friend or relative by making an application to the Court of Protection, Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors can guide you through the process with the minimum of hassle. Get in touch with us on 0800 781 3894 or email our solicitors for clear and comprehensive legal advice on what can be a complicated issue.

Vast Expertise in Deputyship & Court of Protection Issues

Our expert solicitors are here to provide legal advice and assistance on Deputyship or the Court of Protection, regardless of your issue. If you would like to be appointed a Deputy to somebody who lacks the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves or are planning an appeal to the courts, we can help.
An application to the Court of Protection may also be necessary if there is a dispute about the person deemed lacking in capacity, a particularly difficult decision to make on behalf of the person in question, or there are regular personal welfare decisions to be made for them.
We have vast expertise and experience in helping clients get the result they want in this area of the law.

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