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Age discrimination in the workplace is an extremely serious issue and can leave the victim with a career in tatters, as well as serious psychological issues such as loss of confidence and anxiety.

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Age Discrimination at Work Laws

Age discrimination often conjures images of workers in their 60s or above being told they are too old to do a job and being dismissed from their role as a result.

However, age discrimination applies to every aspect of employment, from recruitment, training and promotions right the way through to employment terms and conditions and dismissals.

Furthermore, it doesn't only concern older employees, as it is unlawful to discriminate against young people too, unless there is a lower age limit imposed by the law.

If you think you are a victim of age discrimination, you should first speak to your employer.  You can then go on to make a formal complaint, at which point you should seek help from specialist employment law solicitors like those here at Percy Hughes and Roberts Solicitors.

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