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Claims for Disability Discrimination

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What is Disability Discrimination?

Disability discrimination is when you are treated unfairly at work because of a mental or physical disability. If you have been treated less favourably due to your disability, or your employers have failed to make reasonable adjustments you may be able to take action against them.  There are laws in place to protect individuals from discrimination on these grounds. From 1 October 2010, the Equality Act replaced most of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). However, the Disability Equality Duty in the DDA continues to apply.

If you feel you have been discriminated against at work on the grounds of disability by your employer or co-worker, you have a right to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal.  An individual may be eligible for compensation if the tribunal finds that there is validity in the claim.


The following types of discrimination are considered unlawful:

  • Direct - when an individual is treated less favourably than someone else because of their disability in comparable circumstances
  • Indirect - when a policy or practice is put in place that has a negative effect on the disabled person more than others in similar situations
  • Harassment - when the disabled person is harassed specifically because of their disability, which has a negative effect on their dignity and can create an environment that is hostile, degrading and humiliating
  • Victimisation - When an individual is specifically picked on because they have pursued their rights under a specific legislation. for example; if they have made a complaint
  • Not complying with the Equality Act - failing to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace to meet the needs of a disabled individual

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