Employment Contract Law Solicitors

At Percy Hughes & Roberts, our dedicated employment contract law solicitors have years of experience offering legal advice to both employers and employees regarding this complicated area of the law.

Whether you are an employee who thinks your employer has breached a contract and are considering making a claim, or an employer looking for help drafting lawful and high quality contracts, we can help.

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How Our Employment Contract Law Solicitors Can Help You

Our lawyers have knowledge & experience in all matters relating to employment law, meaning we are able to tell you definitively what is legal and illegal regarding employment contracts and keep you updated on new legislation that might affect you.

What's more, we know how important it is to explain these complex terms in a manner you can understand.

Our Services

The services offered by the Percy Hughes & Roberts Employment Contract Team:

Drafting Employment Contract Advice for Employers

Our solicitors can offer you advice on drafting your employment contracts, it can be a minefield getting it right if you do not have the experience we can offer.

Breach of Contract Claims for Employees

Employees who believe that their employers have broken the terms of their contract should seek legal advice over the action they can take. The team at Percy Hughes & Roberts are experienced in dealing with contract disputes.

Termination of Contract Advice for Employers

If you are thinking of terminating the contract of an employee, you will need to follow the correct procedures and ensure that you do not leave yourself open to a claim for unfair dismissal.

Contract Termination Claims for Employees

If you have had your contract terminated you will need to find out if this was unlawful. Speak to one of our solicitors today.

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