Discrimination at Work Advice & Prevention

Discrimination at work in any form is unacceptable and unlawful. Employers who discriminate against any of their workers in any way can be taken to a tribunal. It is your responsibility to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure there is no discrimination within your organisation.

If you or one of your management team has been accused of discrimination, we can help you draw up a response to the accusation, and advise on ways to defend yourself in the case. For more information, freephone 0800 781 3894 or fill out online enquiry form.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

All businesses should have policies in place to prevent this happening, and make sure that they follow them.

Part of this policy should be to train managerial staff and raise awareness throughout the whole company.

Percy Hughes & Roberts' team of expert solicitors can offer advice and guidance on creating those policies and raising awareness within the company. We can also offer advice if you have been accused of discrimination by one of your employees, in order to work towards a solution.

What Types of Discrimination Can Occur?

Types of discrimination that you should be wary of occurring in the workplace include, but are not limited to:

Sexual orientation and gender - You have to make sure your workplace is free of such prejudices. Policies must be created, which you must then raise awareness of and you must take seriously any complaints of this type that are made, with disciplinary action taken if they are found to be true.

  • Disability Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sex and Gender Discrimination

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