Paternity and Maternity Law for Employers

Percy Hughes & Roberts' specialist solicitors are experts in family friendly legislation for employers. As an business, you need to make sure that you are fully aware of maternity and paternity leave rights for all members of staff, in order to avoid potentially costly disputes.

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What You Should Expect

Expectant mothers are entitled to 26 weeks of ordinary leave and a further 26 weeks of additional time off. Fathers-to-be or individuals who will be responsible for supporting the mother of a new born are entitled to paternity leave, provided they fulfil certain conditions.

When submitting a request for statutory leave, you should expect the worker in question to let you know the following information:

  • That they are pregnant
  • Their due date
  • When they intend to start maternity leave

An individual requesting paternity leave must have worked for you for a minimum of 26 weeks by either the end of the 15th week before the beginning of the week in which the baby is due, or the end of the week they find out the baby is theirs.

Easy to Understand Legal Advice for Employers

We understand that family friendly legislation for employers can feel like an unnecessarily complicated process, and our solicitors are therefore happy to offer clear, easy to understand paternity and maternity legal advice.

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