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Fixed Fee Commercial Debt Recovery Services


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Commercial Debt Recovery – Fixed Fee Services Limited to Debts of £50,000

We offer a fixed fee service for recovery of unpaid business debts up to £50,000 where there are no more than 5 unpaid invoices.  The fees are on the basis that the debt is not contested.

The fixed fee covers a letter of claim, issue of Court proceedings, application to the Court for a default judgment.

If the judgment debtor does not pay we offer a fixed fee per enforcement method if we have obtained the judgment.  

Fixed Fees for uncontested commercial debts up to £50,000

The services provided for the fixed fee ‘no frills service’ are on the basis that  

  • You provide full instructions at the outset with no more than 5 invoices

  • You pay the fixed fee plus VAT and court fee on account when you instruct us.

  • You respond promptly to any requests for further instructions or information.  

If we are required to undertake additional work in reminding you for instructions or dealing with requests for updates other than those above, we reserve the right to charge for the additional work at our hourly rates.

Stage 1 - Letter of Claim                                                                      Our fee

  • Letter of Claim to individuals or sole traders under a Pre-Action Protocol              £150.00 + VAT
  • Commercial Letter of Claim + telephone call to debtor                                            £75.00 + VAT

Stage – 2 – Issuing the Court proceedings

  • Issue legal proceedings and applying to the Court for a default judgment             £100.00  + VAT

Plus fixed solicitors costs - see below

  • Solicitors Fixed Recoverable Costs

Where a claim is issued by the Court and a default judgment obtained, you are entitled to be paid Solicitors fixed costs by the Defendant. We will charge you an additional fee equivalent to any such fixed costs unless the judgment sum is less than £1000.00 and the debtor does not pay the Solicitors fixed costs.    

The Solicitors fixed recoverable costs depends upon the value of the debt as follows :

Debt                                                       Fixed recoverable costs   

£25.00 - £500.00                                      £72.00

£500.00 - £1000.00                                  £92.00

£1000.00 - £5000.00                                £102.00

Exceeds £5000.00                                    £122.00   

Court Fees

Court fees are paid to the Court upon issue of your claim as follows:-

Claim amount                                            Court issue fee

Up to £300                                                   £25

£300.01 to £500                                           £35

£500.01 to £1,000                                        £60

£1,000.01 to £1,500                                      £70

£1,500.01 to £3,000                                     £105

£3,000.01 to £5,000                                     £185

£5,000.01 to £10,000                                    £410

£10,000.01 to £100,000.00                        4.5%- 5.00%

Stage 3

Our fixed fee for enforcement are as follows where we have obtained the judgment

  • Enforcement by way of High Court Enforcement Officer if debt over £600                                  £200.00 + VAT

The court fee to issue the writ is £66.00. The HCEO will charge £90 if unsuccessful.

  • Enforcement by way of Attachment of Earnings Order                                                                 £250.00 + VAT

The court fee is £110

  • Enforcement by way of Charging Order                                                                                        £600.00 + VAT

The court fee is £110

Land Registry search and registration fees  £3.00 - £60.

  • Order that the debtor attends Court for questioning.                                                                   £250.00 + VAT

The Court fee is £55.00.

  • Collection by us of monthly instalment payments from the debtor for 12 months                      £200.00 + VAT

Contested Debts and Debts over £50,000

  • Our Debt Recovery service does not provide for an initial advice if the claim is disputed and nor to any claim which is defended after proceedings are issued.
  • Our charges for advising and acting in a disputed claim are be charged at an hourly rate.

Partner - £220 per hour plus VAT

Solicitor/Chartered Legal executive - £165 per hour

  • The costs will depend on the work to be undertaken and we will provide you with a costs estimate.
  • For debts above £50,000.00 our fixed fee service does not apply and we will provide details of our estimated costs on request.

Other Search fees if required and notified to you the outset

Basic Company search  - free

Basic Insolvency search - free

Company search for directors, accounts, etc - £1.00 per document

Land Registry Search - £3.00

Basic Registry Search - £3.00

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